Our History


The 'Squibb Corporation' was established in 1858 in Brooklyn by Dr. Edward Robinson
Squibb. This company concentrated on the development of medicines.

Bristol-Myers was established in 1887 by the founders William McLaren Bristol and John
Ripley Myers. Together they bought a small pharmaceutical company in the northern part of
the state of New York. Quality was central to the Bristol-Myers company from the very

Before the merger between Bristol-Myers and Squibb was realized in 1989, both companies
had developed parallel to each other for over a century. In the meantime Bristol-Myers Squibb
has become a global BioPharma company firmly focused on its Mission to discover, develop
and deliver innovative medicines that help patients prevail over serious diseases.

1858: Dr. Squibb, American naval doctor, establishes a pharmaceutical laboratory in

1887: Bristol and Myers, two young American graduates, buy a medicines factory in New
York State.

1935: In Agen, France, Dr. Camille Bru establishes the UPSA (Union de Pharmacologie
Scientifique Appliquée - The Union of Applied Scientific Pharmacology).

1962: The Bristol Benelux laboratories establish in Belgium, the Grand-Duchy of
Luxembourg and the Netherlands.

1989: Bristol-Myers and Squibb merge.

1994: Upsa becomes a 100% subsidiary of the Bristol-Myers Squibb Company.

1998: Creation of the "Institut Belge de la Douleur-UPSA-Belgisch Pijninstituut" [Belgian
Institute for Pain-UPSA].